Suregrip Bow Comfort Cushions

viotech bow cushions

VioTech Suregrip neoprene foam bow cushions are available for violin/viola and cello. They are solid black in colour. We designed and produce them in the UK in response to requests from musicians who like to use a bow cushion for added comfort and grip.

viotech bow cushions

The cushions are available in a tube which contains of 2 same sized cushions per tube. Sizes are for violin/viola, and a slightly larger size for cello.

viotech bow cushions

Instructions for use:

The cushion can be rotated then reversed to maximise longevity. It can also be moved down the stick towards the frog to take up hair stretching and protect the stick.

1. Remove the bow frog and apply a miniscule amount of silicon grease, washing-up liquid or petroleum jelly lubricant (such as Vaseline) inside one end of the cushion.

2. Push the cushion onto the bow stick, and ease gently up towards the leather grip. The thin leading edge tends to tuck under, so ease the lip over the existing grip by flicking it up carefully with your fingernail.

3. Continue to ease and push onto the grip. You might find the cushion tends to compress a little. Once the cushion is on ease it back a little the other way to achieve full length, and then ease in to the correct position.

4. Replace the frog, taking great care to align the screw correctly